Saudi Arabia’s Top 8 Instagram-able Places

By umrahme | Published on Sep 20, 2023

Let’s face it, Instagram pretty much rules when it comes to travel inspiration and planning the best places for your next visit. With a million travel photos and videos shared each day, you keep scrolling past your feed to jot down the must-visit and must-eat spots that you don’t want to miss.

Is Saudi Arabia, the next destination on your bucket list? From striking landscapes, red sand dunes, and snow-capped mountains, to verdant oasis, the Kingdom is sure to captivate you with its natural beauty. So, get your cameras fully charged and filters ready, to embark on a spell-binding journey.

But which spots are the most Insta-worthy? We have compiled this simple guide for you to include in your travel plans and paint your Instagram feed with beautiful scenic pictures.

Top 8 Instagram able Spots in Saudi Arabia 

  1. The Elephant Rock 
  2. Hegra 
  3. The Edge of the World 
  4. Rijal Alma Heritage Village 
  5. Kingdom Tower Center 
  6. Wadi Namar 
  7. Taif mountains 
  8. Balad, Jeddah

1.Elephant Rock at AlUla 
This iconic geological marvel ranks at the top of our list. As the name suggests, it is a colossal piece of red sandstone formed by natural forces of wind and water erosion that took place millions of years ago, forming into the shape of an Elephant in the golden desert of AlUla.

The AlUla is an ancient city and a popular touristic destination surrounded by geological marvels, golden sand dunes, stunning landscape, and is home to UNESCO World Heritage site at Hegra.

Popularly known as ‘Jabal Al Fil’, this is an unmissable spot for many tourists visiting AlUla. There are many seating areas at the spot where you can snap your gram-worthy pictures, sip Arabic coffee, laze around to watch the mesmerizing sunset, or even stay back for late-night stargazing. 

2. UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hegra 
 Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra is located less than 22km from AlUla, another ancient city that’s a testimony to the Nabataean civilization. It is also known as ‘Mada’in Saleh’. 

Having resemblance to the Petra site in Jordan, this archeological gem gives visitors a good indication of how the people of Nabatean civilization lived back then. A number of ancient burial sites can be found along these cliffs, illustrating the rich history of this city.  

Embark on an adventure at Hegra. Walk through the stone city to explore the awe-inspiring architecture, walled carvings, decorated facades, and ancient agricultural wells. 

3. Hike to the Edge of The World 
If you’re an adventure buff, then this place is a must-visit destination. Located 90 km from Riyadh, the Tuwaiq mountain range or Jibal Tuwaiq is a narrow-elevated platform that cuts through the plateau of Najd and stretches 700 km from Jordan to Saudi Arabia’s central region.

Among the mountain range, there lies the highest peak called the Jibal Fihrayn which has earned the title as the ‘Edge of the world’ due to the formation of different rock layers and fascinating geological features that nature has shaped it into.

Thousands of tourists visit the landmark each year to hike to the top of the cliff and take in its scenic beauty. A word of caution – there are no proper roads to reach the cliff. If you are planning a day trip, we would highly recommend visiting with a group, preferably in an SUV and a good GPS device. 

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4. Rijal Alma Heritage Village at Asir Province 
 Visiting Rijal Alma Heritage villages feels like entering another world. Located 45km from the picturesque Abha city, the Rijal Alma Heritage village is a popular tourist destination known for its architectural wonder, historical gem, green mountains, and cool temperatures.

Most of the buildings built in this ancient city were made from stone, clay, and wood with brightly colored shutters, which is one of the noticeable characteristics of the village. In recognition of its urban heritage, the village was awarded the Prince Sultan bin Salman Prize.

The best time to visit this quaint little village is during the winter months from December to February to enjoy the surrounding snow-capped mountains and misty skies. Make sure to visit the museum and taste their special honey native to the region to indulge in a local experience. 

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5. Kingdom Tower Center in Riyadh 
 A visit to Saudi Arabia cannot be complete without exploring the most iconic tower and one of the tallest buildings in Riyadh, the Kingdom Center Tower. The tower features a high-end boutique store, luxury outlets, a 5-star hotel, a cinema, and a visitor’s gallery area.

You can take the high-speed lift to reach the 99th floor where the sky bridge is located. It boasts floor-to-ceiling glass panels offering mesmerizing views of the city. Make sure to visit the sky bridge during the sunset to marvel at the glistening lights and the painted colorful sky. 

The sky bridge is open daily from 12 pm – 11 pm and on Fridays from 4 pm to 11pm. Each ticket will cost you about SAR64. For a better experience, avoid visiting the sky bridge during the weekends

6. Namar in Riyadh
 Another Instagram able spot located within Riyadh is this verdant oasis. It is a popular picnic spot and a weekend getaway place among locals to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located 19 min from the city center, Wadi Namar is an oasis perched amidst the deserted terrains surrounded by date palm trees, a beautiful waterfall, and pristine Namar Lake. 

Pack your picnic essentials for a tranquil oasis experience at Wadi Namar. 

7. Visit the City of Roses, Taif 
If you’re a nature lover and want to fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous rose pictures, then visit Taif during the blooming season. Make sure to visit this hill city during the winter and spring months, when the temperatures cool down and get surrounded by the sweet smell of roses and fruits. It is called the ‘City of Roses’ for a reason.  

The Taif Rose festival is an annual event, held every April, where visitors can walk through beautiful gardens full of roses and be intoxicated by the fragrance of the roses. The local farmers later pick these roses during the break of dawn and extract their oils to turn them into rose water and perfumes called ‘Ittr’. 

When in Taif, make sure to visit gram-worthy dining spots such as the Mila Café, Sah café, and Boho restaurant to taste the local cuisine and indulge in a wholesome experience.  

8. Al Balad Town in Jeddah
Walking down the streets of Al Balad town is nothing short of reimagining your childhood favorite cartoon ‘Aladdin’ and its fantasy marketplaces. The ragged mud-brick buildings made from Teal and Mahogany imported from India and Africa, intricate window shutters, narrow alleyways, and ancient architecture dating back to 500 years, are a sight to behold. 

Located within the city of Jeddah, this old town is often visited by tourist to capture beautiful pictures of the buildings, delve into the history of Saudi Arabia, and reminisce the rich Arabian history.  

The best time to visit Al Balad town is during the late afternoon and evening when the town is brimming with twinkling lights, vibrant shops selling local delicacies, and sip on Arabic coffee at the Balad Cafes. For easier navigation, start exploring Balad town from ‘Bab Jadid’ and visiting during the prayer times.

And the list is endless. To help you refresh your Instagram grid, we have rounded up the best Instagram able spots you can choose from, for your next visit to Saudi Arabia. Pack your bags, buckle up your travel essentials, and ready, set, goooo!

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