5 Must-See Attractions in Makkah and Madinah

By umrahme | Published on Jul 20, 2023

Are you planning to visit the holy lands soon? Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating sights of Makkah and Madinah. From historic landmarks to revered religious sites, there are wonders waiting to be uncovered.

Our list of 12 must-see attractions will guide you through these sacred cities, enriching your understanding of their profound Islamic heritage.  Make room to explore beyond the usual and venture into neighboring cities, enlightening yourself with the culture and traditions around you.

1. Jannat Al Mu’alla in Makkah

The cemetery holds the burial sites of many important figures in Islamic history, including Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s relatives such as his mother, grandfather, and Al Saydah Khadijah (R.A). It has been in existence since before the birth of our Prophet and continues to exist today.

However, over time, numerous landmarks within the area have been destroyed, leaving behind only rocks that serve as markers for the burial sites. Visitors commonly visit this site to pay their respects to those buried there. This cemetery remains open at all times without any admission fees required.

2.  Jabal Al Nour in Makkah

This is also known as the “Hill of Enlightenment” where Prophet Muhammed PBUH went to search for Allah before the message was bestowed upon him, and this is where Saydna Jabriel appeared before Prophet Muhammed PBUH for the first time. Be sure to bring plenty of water and consider visiting in the late afternoon or evening to avoid the scorching heat.

3.  Masjid Aisha in Makkah

It is located on the highway between Makkah and Madinah, and it is considered a Miqat as it is where Saydah Aisha started her Ihram. It is also known as Taneem Mosque and you can find many vendors for Ihram clothes and other Hajj and Umrah essentials.

4. Jabal Thawr in Makkah

Thawr Mountain, known as the sign of faith and hope. As the cave where Prophet Muhammed and his companion Abu Bakr Al Sedeeq hid from their enemies and stayed for 3 days lies there. As a blessing from Allah, a spider web was created at the entrance of the cave and a pigeon laid its eggs in front of it. It is a tiring, long climb but when you reach the peak and see the view you will forget everything and just praise Allah for the beauty surrounding you.

5. Factory of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing in Makkah

This is where more than 100 workers transform 670 kilos of silk into Kiswa of Al Kaaba while taking care of every small detail from the outer black lining to the inner green cover, the typography written with gold and silver threads, and the drawings done with perfection. The Kiswa was first placed by Sayedna Ibrahim and is still replaced every year before the Hajj season. You are welcomed to check out how the artisans are doing it every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm.

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