Dining in Makkah: Discover the Top 10 Restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants in Makkah
By umrahme | Published on Jul 20, 2023

Makkah is the destination sought after by millions of pilgrims and visitors worldwide. It is the Holy City where Al Kaaba is, and Muslims never get enough of visiting it. Besides its spiritual status, Makkah is considered a hidden gem on its own with all its historical places, busy streets and hundreds of well-known international restaurants from fast food chains and international cuisines such as Asian, Egyptian, Indian, and Pakistani, among others, to the locals with their secret recipes and traditional dishes. Restaurants in Makkah are a big deal so let’s explore some of the best there. Get your taste buds ready to experience the best flavors around Makkah.

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Restaurants Around Al Haram

You will find a lot of shopping malls and hotels around Al Haram, including many restaurants that cater to all tastes, preferences, and budgets. Let’s highlight some of the most popular restaurants in Makkah around Al Haram, that you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Palace Restaurant: The restaurant is located in Abraj Al Bait near Al Haram and has a distinctive view of the Grand Mosque. The restaurant is suitable for families and serves various dishes from Egyptian, Indian and Asian cuisine, as well as seafood. The restaurant serves breakfast from 3:00 in the morning, with average prices. It is family oriented and offers top-notch service.

Al Shorfa Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Makkah and is also found in Abraj Al Bait. The restaurant has outdoor seating with a beautiful panoramic view of the Grand Mosque from the side of King Abdul Aziz Gate, which boosts the distinction of the place and offers its visitors comfort and delight. The restaurant also has family spaces that are very private. The restaurant serves a variety of oriental dishes and delicious medium grills. The restaurant runs 24 hours a day to serve the visitors of Bait Al Rahman.

The OASIS Restaurant: The OASIS Restaurant is one of the oldest and finest restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a Turkish kitchen that has been serving the masterpieces of Turkish food for more than 20 years in the Kingdom. Makkah’s branch is located in Jabal Omar’s region, less than a kilometer away from the Holy Mosque. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and features a special dinner buffet. The restaurant also offers a luxurious atmosphere, great service, as well as a separate area for families. The OASIS Restaurant is one of the highest rated restaurants in Makkah.

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International and Local Fast-Food Restaurants in Makkah

As a lot of people prefer to have a quick bite to eat to go back to their Ibadat and prayers, Makkah offers a lot of fast-food options with well-known quality and guaranteed satisfaction. Making it easier for the visitor to choose the restaurant fulfilling their need, preference and budget. Here are the most famous restaurants:

Al Baik Restaurant: It is the most famous Saudi chain of restaurants that people flock to visit and eat because of its different and distinctive flavors. Makkah’s branch is located on Al-Masjid Al-Haram Road and operates from 7 am and is always very crowded. It offers good value for money, cleanliness, and taste. Al Baik is famous for its broasted chicken with a secret ingredient, in addition to a variety of meals, including roast and seafood. Despite the heavy crowds all the time, the staff provides excellent and fast service to ensure visitors’ satisfaction at all times.

Al Tazaj Restaurant: It is also one of the most famous chains of restaurants in Saudi Arabia, which is famous for serving freshly slaughtered grilled chicken directly from their farms. The nearest branch to Al Haram is located in Makkah Towers, steps away from the Grand Mosque, and is known for its speedy service, hot meals, high quality and reasonable prices. Perhaps one of his most famous dishes is the grilled chicken and Kabsa, in addition to many other distinctive oriental dishes.

Tip: Makkah’s famous clock tower has a commercial mall on a three-story area, with a huge food court which includes most of the local and western international restaurants, for burger and pizza, Asian, Indian and Pakistani, in addition to cafes and candy shops.

Restaurants in Makkah, the hidden gems 

One of the most famous Saudi proverbs is “The people of Makkah has the best knowledge about its secrets”. That’s why we had to share with you some of the hidden restaurants in Makkah only locals know. These restaurants offer many delicious local meals in addition to popular dishes and are among the cheapest restaurants. 

Abdullah Al Sendi Restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants in Makkah, as it has been serving delicious Mutabak pastries for more than 60 years. Mutabak is a type of pie that has meat, vegetables and eggs, and it is a full meal at a low price and is considered a favorite among the locals. The restaurant also offers many other sweet and savory options.

Ben Ali Restaurants: One of the most famous local restaurants serving grills, it is signature dish is kebab, which is shredded made of camel meat and served with tahini. It also serves chicken, roast beef, and other lamb dishes to suit all tastes. One of its merits is its affordable prices compared to its quality and quantities. The price per person ranges between 10 and 15 Saudi Riyals.

Arika Am Qasem Restaurant: Arika Am Qasem Restaurant is famous for serving local breakfast dishes. It is a pie mixed with honey, cream and dates called “Arika”. However, you will have to visit this restaurant by the crack of dawn to be able to get your order and avoid the long lines.

Al Qarmoshi Restaurants: One of the oldest breakfast places in the Kingdom with several branches serving falafel, beans and, Tamees, an Afghani bread that is baked in the tandoor oven, in addition to the Arikah.

Finally, visiting the Holy Land is not to try new food, but to perform your rituals you will need to fuel up and have energy. So, try visiting one of the restaurants mentioned at least and have a tasteful experience. For the best Umrah experience, visit our website and book the best Umrah packages in Makkah and Madinah.