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Exploring Riyadh, the Capital of Saudi Arabia


Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia is the plural of the Arabic word Rawdha which means gardens. The city has a captivating glamor where the ancient fortresses are right beside the skyscrapers with their glass windows and modern architecture.   

Riyadh’s Guide for First Timers

The activities are numerous in this big city to an overwhelming extent. So, if you are a Riyadh newbie let us take you on an exploring tour and show you the highlights of the city. 

Saudi Arabia National Museum Set aside a day to explore centuries of Arabian prehistory, history, culture, and art at the kingdom’s biggest and most entertaining museum.

Murrabba Palace The beautiful Murabba Palace is the former home and court of King Abdul Aziz, founder of modern Saudi Arabia, and a monument to the city’s captivating past.

Riyadh National Museum

Edge of the World Tour The Edge of the World (its real name is Jebel Fihrayn), one of Saudi’s most popular tourist destinations, got its nickname from the uninterrupted view of the horizon it offers Experience breathtaking cliff-top views: this spectacular spot offers uninterrupted views from the edge of a sheer precipice.

Explore the Cities Worth Visiting in Saudi Arabia for the best activities and attractions in the Kingdom

Al Kharrarah National Park It is mostly known as a lake. As Al Kharrarah is a seasonal body of water that forms as a result of rainfall gathering in its basin-like topography. It is always packed by residents who have made it a tradition to camp or have a day trip in winter after the rain or when the basin is full. The park also has quad bike rentals, vast sand dunes, and horseback riding, making it a fascinating family destination.

edge of the world

Riyadh Shopping Experience Shopping is a crucial part of the Riyadh experience. Actually, it is part of the tradition since the beginning of time. Don’t miss the exciting shopping experience in Riyadh’s extensive markets.

shopping mall in Riyadh

The Must-try Dishes And where else would you experience the authentic taste of Arabian food? The rich local cuisine is not all there is in Riyadh. The city is full of excellent restaurants that serve food from all over the world. Go for the local dishes and enjoy the true meaning of the festival of flavors. 

Saudi Authentic meal

This was a glimpse of the many activities you can enjoy in Riyadh. So, If you are after sightseeing and history or fantastic food, or some of the best shopping bargains you will always find it within this amazing city.

All set? The city awaits…