Trip to Umrah with Kids: Key Umrah Tips for a Smooth Journey

Umrah with Kids
By umrahme | Published on Aug 20, 2023

Traveling for Umrah with children is a beautiful opportunity to sow the seeds of faith from a young age. However, taking this spiritual journey with little ones requires extra preparation and foresight.

In this blog post, we’ll cover essential information and tips to help ensure you’re well-prepared for every aspect of your trip. From packing essentials to managing expectations, we’ll help you prepare beforehand, turning your family’s Umrah journey into a memorable and enriching experience for all.

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Teaching Kids About Umrah

Going for Umrah with your family is a significant step to bring them closer to Allah and to make your children understand its importance. Before your journey, take some time to educate your kids about Umrah based on their age and comprehension level.

For younger children, explain in simple terms that it’s a special trip to a faraway place called Makkah where they have the chance to see the Ka’aba and the House of Allah, which we face when we pray.

Older children can be taught more complex concepts such as Ihram, Tawaf, and Sa’i. Using storybooks and cartoons about Hajj and Umrah could be entertaining and informative ways to get the ideas across. In addition to religious significance, emphasize that it’s a journey that fosters unity among Muslims from different parts of the world.

Here’s a simple Umrah rituals video that you can show your kids.

But remember, your explanations should be age-appropriate and engaging to ensure they feel included and excited about the journey they are about to take with you.

Pre-Trip Preparations 

Preparing for Umrah with kids requires careful planning. In addition to your own essentials, there are additional items you’ll need to accommodate the needs of children.

Here are some to consider:

  1. Travel documents: Ensure you have passports, tickets, necessary travel permissions, and other relevant documents for all family members.
  2. Child-specific clothing: Carry extra sets of comfortable clothes, undergarments, and socks for your kids. The climate in Makkah can be intense, so opt for breathable fabrics.
  3. Kid-friendly snacks: Having familiar, nutrition-packed snacks can help maintain children’s energy levels and mood throughout the day.
  4. Entertainment options: Devices, favourite toys, or books can keep your kids entertained during long wait times.
  5. Personal care: Don’t forget items like diapers for toddlers, baby wipes, and hand sanitizers. For younger children who might wander, consider bringing a child safety harness. Also, reusable water bottles are essential to stay hydrated.

Creating a thorough checklist ensures nothing essential is forgotten and contributes to a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Health & Safety Precautions For Umrah with Kids

Ensuring the health and safety of your children during your Umrah journey is paramount. Precautions you take beforehand can greatly ease the journey and allow for a more peaceful and focused spiritual experience.

  1. Vaccinations: Before traveling, ensure that your children’s vaccinations are up to date. If you are traveling during winter, consider the influenza vaccine for additional protection. All vaccination plans should be discussed with your doctor for advice. As always, the choice lies with the parents on what vaccinations they feel are necessary for the well-being of their kids.
  2. First-Aid kit: Packing a travel first-aid kit can be a lifesaver, containing items such as band-aids, antiseptic cream, fever and pain relief medication, and any prescription medication your child may require.
  3. Hygiene practices: Encourage your children to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching surfaces in crowded places. Carrying a hand sanitizer is also a good idea.
  4. Protecting against sunlight: The sun in Makkah can be quite strong, so arm yourself with sunblock, hats, and sunglasses for your children.
  5. Keeping hydrated: Drinking plenty of Zamzam water or bottled water can keep kids hydrated under the intense heat.
  6. Safety measures: Attach a wristband or a chain to your kid with their name, number, and hotel information. Agree on a family meeting point in case of separation. The gate numbers of the Sacred Mosque can be a major help here.

Planning your Kid’s Umrah Trip 

When booking, be sure to mention that you’re traveling with kids to ensure you get a room with appropriate bedding as some accommodations in Makkah offer mainly single beds. A rule of thumb is to choose a hotel near Masjid Al Haram to avoid long tiring trips back and forth.

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Opt for a direct flight and, if possible, a day flight. Arriving at night allows you to rest and perform your Umrah the next morning. During the flight, keep kids entertained with devices full of games. Most airlines offer kid’s meals, making mealtime less hectic.

Make your trip child-friendly by arranging pick-ups and drop-offs, choosing hotels with playing areas, and packing their favourite toys. Consider a baby carrier or sling for carrying your child during Tawaf and Sa’i, as strollers are prohibited. For toddlers, a safety harness can prevent them from running off.

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Trip to Umrah with Kids

Other Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids

  1. Carry a backpack when entering Masjid Al Haram. Pack lightly but ensure to carry drinks and snacks. A light jacket might come in handy as the weather in Makkah never gets too cold.
  2. You are up for a lot of walking during Tawaf and Sa’i so it would be best if each child is looked after by one adult. If you will carry your kid, consider a sling or a baby carrier as strollers are not allowed in Haram. Moreover, you will need a safety harness for toddlers who run away from you.
  3. Though Ihram for kids is not obligatory, kids above 7 can perform Umrah wearing Ihram. If you’re planning on dressing your kids in Ihram for memorable photos, bring an extra set of everyday clothes.
  4. Before starting Umrah, ensure your kids are well-fed and carry snacks for them.
  5. Zamzam water dispensers found at almost every corner should keep them hydrated.

Taking your children on an Umrah journey can be a transformative experience for them, deepening their understanding of Islam. The profound spirituality and blessings of this trip extend to your children too, as they join you in Masjid Al Haram.

This immersive experience encourages their growing affinity for Islam and fosters a sense of belonging to this beautiful religion. Embark on this journey with your children – a journey to enjoy, cherish, and remember as they grow in their faith.

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Tips for Umrah with Kids