Madinah Transportation Guide & Travel Expenses

Madinah Transportation Guide

Transportation Guide

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Travel within the city


Let’s break down the travel expenses in Madinah, providing a rough budget for a smoother travel experience.


  1. Luxury Hotels: Expect to pay anywhere from SAR 700 to SAR 1,500 per night for five-star accommodations near the Prophet’s Mosque. E.g.: The Oberoi Madina
  2. 3 to 4-star Hotels: A comfortable stay would range between SAR 250 to SAR 700.
  3. Budget Hotels: For those on a tight budget, accommodation starts as low as SAR 100 to SAR 250.

    Savings tip: 

Food & Dining

Most hotels in Madinah provide a range of dining packages to cater to various guest preferences:

For those visiting during peak seasons, it’s advisable to choose the full-board or all-inclusive options. These not only offer value for money but also save guests the hassle of searching for meals during busy times.

  1. Fine-dining restaurants: Meals range from SAR 100 to SAR 300.
    Example: Arabesque Restaurant – A three-course meal here can set you back around SAR 250.
  2. Mid-range restaurants: A meal can cost between SAR 30 to SAR 100.
    Example: Al Baik – Known for its fried chicken, Al Baik is a favorite among the locals and a must-try.
  3. Local eateries: Dishes for SAR 10 to SAR 30.
    Example: A shawarma at a local street vendor could be around SAR 15.


Madinah offers a unique shopping experience, blending traditional Islamic items with modern goods. From delectable dates, and beautiful prayer mats, to fragrant Arabic perfumes, there are plenty of options you can shop. There is something special for everyone in this city.

Madinah Travel Expenses

Here is a list of the top 7 things to shop in Madinah:

  1. Dates – The local date market in Madinah offers over 150 different varieties of dates, including the highly favorable Ajwa and Anbara dates, with the Ajwa date being particularly sought after due to its reported health benefits and religious importance.
  2. Prayer mats – You can find colorful prayer rugs with a variety of styles, designs, and materials. Each prayer mat is priced differently. You can choose the right prayer mat according to your liking and budget.
  3. Miswak –  Miswak, a natural toothbrush made from the Salvadora Persica tree, plays a significant role in Islamic history. It is highly recommended to use them on a daily basis to clean the teeth to prevent plaque and cavities.
    Miswak is known to contain several medicinal and healing properties. Make sure to add Miswak to your shopping list and buy a bunch of them for your family and friends.
  4. Oud and Bakhoor – Oud or Oudh is an Arabic term that refers to a type of fragrant oil derived from the heart of the Agar tree. The perfume has a warm, woody scent and is very popular in the Middle East. Ouds range in price from the most affordable to the most expensive. You can find many shops in Madinah selling them.
    You can enjoy Oudh in a more subtle way by purchasing Bakhoor. These are agarwood chips soaked in perfume oils and sold by weight. Once you’ve bought Bakhoor, put them over a small piece of charcoal or an electric burner to release its fragrant fumes.
  5. Mus’haf (Copy of Qur’an) – Mus’haf is another Arabic term for the ‘copy of the Quran’. It contains the same chapters as in the Quran. You can find a wide variety of Mus’hafs of different sizes and languages.
  6. Traditional clothes – From Kandoras and Abayas to Ghatra sets, you can find elaborate traditional clothes to shop for. Make sure to buy the entire set for both men and women to complete the Arabic attire.
  7. Souvenirs – Madinah has plenty of souvenirs to take back home, such as fridge magnets, Arabic tea sets, traditional cooking sets, and more. Visit the city’s streets to find unique gifts for your family and friends.
  8. Tasbih – Handcrafted beads made of various materials, like wood, pearls, or gemstones, are used by Muslims to do dhikr (Remembrance of Allah). These make a good souvenir to bring back home.

As you plan your journey to Madinah, consider this comprehensive guide for a smooth experience. Whether you arrive by air, train, or road, navigating within the city is made easy with various transportation options.

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