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Best Time to Visit

Choose the best time of the year to visit AlUla with the help of our AlUla travel tips and transportation guide. AlUla experiences summers between the months of April through September and the cooler winds set in from October, welcoming the winter from November through March.

To enjoy your trip to the fullest, the period between November and March proves to be optimal. During this time, temperatures range between a comfortable 15°C to 25°C range, providing a pleasant climate that allows for exploration without being hindered by the intense heat of the desert summer months.

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Transport options in AlUla includes:

Visa & Insurance

Saudi Arabia offers an easy online application process for the issuance of eVisas to those who wish to visit the country. When applying through platforms like the Saudi tourism portal, tourists are required to have travel insurance when applying for a tourist visa. This insurance should cover expenses related to COVID-19 treatment, medical emergencies, hospitalizations, and any unforeseen incidents.

It is important for visitors to carefully review the policy of their insurance provider and consider obtaining additional coverage if needed, especially if they have specific medical requirements or plan on engaging in higher-risk activities during their trip.

Learn more about the health insurance policy and health care service providers from the Council of Health Insurance site.