The Phenomenal Over Night Journey: Al Isra’a w Al Mi’raj

Al Isra and Al Miraj Night
By umrahme | Published on Jul 20, 2023

A miraculous night, with too many lessons to learn and significance to understand. Al Isra’a w Al Mi’raj is a true miracle that comes right after the revelation. The importance of this night encourages us to learn more about it, memorize its lessons and never let it slip by without pleading for Allah’s forgiveness and acceptance through praying and Dua and all the good deeds we can perform on this night.

Don’t miss this great night and try to make the best out of it.

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Al-Isra’ wal-Mi’raj took place during a time when the Prophet was facing intense hardship and pain. Quraysh constantly ridiculed, humiliated, and oppressed him and his followers. Moreover, the Prophet (saw) had just faced the Year of Sorrow, during which he lost his beloved wife Khadijah, and his uncle Abu Talib, who was his protector and ally.

In addition to all these burdens, when the Prophet had traveled to Ta’if to spread the Islamic message, the people of Ta’if had rejected him in the cruelest way, sending their children into the streets to stone him until he left the city.

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Having gone through so much grief and suffering, the Prophet Muhammad was given a truly beautiful and comforting gift. He was transported not only to the Sacred Sanctuary and through the skies, but ultimately into the Divine Presence, the source of all comfort and hope.

Al-Isra’: From Al-Kaaba to Al-Aqsa

When the Prophet was sleeping the roof of my house was opened and Jibril descended. I was then brought a white beast which is called Al-Buraq, meaning lightning, bigger than a donkey and smaller than a mule. Its stride was as long as the eye could reach.

At several points along the journey, Jibril stopped Al-Buraq and told the Prophet, ‘Dismount and pray’. The first stop was at Al-Madinah and soon after this night the Prophet would meet Al-Ansar and migrate to Al-Madinah. The second stop was at Mount Sinai, where Allah revealed Al-Torah to Musa. The third stop was at Beit Lahem, where ’Isa (as) was born. The fourth stop was the grave of Musa.

Arriving at Al-Aqsa

Finally, the Messenger of Allah arrived in the holy city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and he said, ’When we reached Bait al-Maqdis Jibril pointed with his finger causing a crack in the rock, and he tied Al-Buraq to it. Waiting inside were all Prophets, Jibril led the Prophet to the front, and he led them all in prayer in this blessed space.

He then ascended into the heavens for the next part of this incredible journey, Al-Mi‘raj, the Ascension.

Dome of the rock

What’s Al-Miraj?

We will now turn our attention to the miraculous Ascension Al-Miraj of the Prophet. The word Al-Mi’raj is a noun of the instrument in Arabic morphology, which literally means ‘an instrument you use to ascend.

The Prophet saw the wide-eyed maidens of Paradise at the left of the Rock. He greeted them and they returned his greeting. Then he asked them something and they replied with an answer that cools the eyes. Then the Prophet was brought the ladder.

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The First Sky

Allah ascended the Prophet from the Dome of the Rock through the skies, where he didn’t only see many miraculous sights and numerous angels, but he also met the past Prophets. Along the way, he was greeted with excitement and delight, as his arrival had been much anticipated.

The Messenger of Allah said: ’Then he ascended with us to the heaven [first layer of the sky and end of the known universe]. Jibril then asked the (gate of heaven) to be opened (by knocking on one of its doors).

It was said, “Who are you?” He said, “Jibril“.

It was said, “And who is with you?” He said, “Muhammad“.

It was said, “Has he been sent for?” He said, “He has indeed been sent for”.

And it (the door of the heaven) was opened for us and suddenly I was with Adam. Then he welcomed me and supplicated for good for me.

The Second to Sixth Sky

Then the Prophet continued to ascend the layers of the sky with Jibril. Again, permission was sought to enter, and the angelic guards were delighted and welcomed the Messenger of Allah.

At the second sky, he met the maternal cousins, the Prophets Isa and Yahya.

At the third sky, the Prophet met Yusuf whom he described as has been given half of the world’s beauty.

At the fourth sky, the Prophet met Idris

At the fifth sky, he met Harun, and in the sixth sky, he met Prophet Harun’s younger brother, Musa.

At each one of these levels, these Prophets welcomed the Prophet and supplicated good for him

The Seventh Sky

At the seventh sky, the Prophet met his greatest ancestor, the Prophet Ibrahim who was reclining his back against Al-Bait Al-Ma‘mur. It is the heavenly Al-Kaaba directly above the one on earth.

As we approach the anniversary of Al-Isra’ w Al-Miraj, let us take the time to deeply appreciate the gift of Salah and increase our voluntary prayers and night prayers.