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The Well of Zamzam: A Miracle from Allah


Zamzam Well is a water well in the Makkah shrine of Makkah, located 21 meters east of Al Ka’aba, and has an ancient history dating back thousands of years. The history goes back to the reign of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail The well is 30 meters deep, and several biblical water eyes are at the foot of the well itself.

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The well’s story in the Islamic novel is that Ibrahim came to Makkah with his wife, Hajar, their son Ismail and that he put them near Al Kaaba, which did not exist at the time. Prophet Ibrahim left them alone in that place with only a leather water bottle. 

When the water ran out, the kid started crying, and his mom was helpless. Running back and forth between the two mountains of Safa and Marwa hoping to find someone or something to help, the desperate mother did seven rounds between the two mountains. That’s when Angel Jibreel hit the ground with his foot causing the water to blew and scatter everywhere. Hajar who couldn’t believe her eyes tried to sweep the sand to contain the explosion. She blocked the bursting water with rocks and pebbles gathering this plentiful and ample water while saying, “Zam, Zam”. Zamzam literally means tasty and a bit salty water


In 2010, the Zamzam Water Purification Project was in existence worth SAR 700 million. However, the property is located 2.5 kilometers from AlHaram Mosque and consists of several buildings. It includes the air compressor building, the raw water package warehouse, the production line building, and the packaging warehouse building, which produces a daily storage capacity of 200,000, with a total area of ​​13,405 meters.  

Zamzam Well is a significant element within the Haram Mosque. Therefore, it is the most famous well on Earth for its distinctive spiritual standing, connection to the Muslim conscience in general, the performers of pilgrimages, and age in particular. 

Conclusively, Zamzam water is one of the most exceptional graces and benefits mentioned in the Quran, and one of the virtues of Zamzam water is its healing feature. Furthermore, a study showed the chemical composition of Zamzam water and other drinking waters, which found significant differences in the various chemical properties and acidity (pH) exhibited at 8. They were in plain water of 7.2. 


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