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A Guide to Umrah Dua, Supplications and, Adhikar


Congratulations! Start preparing your list of Umrah Dua. For you have been chosen by Allah to go on a sacred journey that will leave you sins-free, like a newborn baby. You should prepare yourself well for this trip physically, mentally, and spiritually. Prepare yourself physically by going to the masjid for prayers, doing some exercises, eating healthier. While you can start reading about Umrah, its rituals and, its graciousness to prepare yourself mentally. For the spiritual part, you can start doing Nawafel, Sunnah, Sadaka, and Dhikr to cleanse your soul and get ready for the divine wave of spirituality that is about to hit you.

Check out Umrah do’s and dont’s for some Umrah pointers.

Dua for Traveling 

Let’s begin our list with Dua for Traveling, you can recite it once you settle on your ride.


Travel Umrah Dua'a
Umrah Dua'a Travel

We should abide by Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah and perform the Umrah rituals according to his teachings. As for Umrah Dua, there aren’t any restrictions or limitations to specific ones but the ones we are about to mention are recited by Prophet Muhammad on these occasions.

Your Niyyah for Umrah Dua

Niyyah (Intention) is a crucial part of any deed in Islam. So before performing your Umrah you should make Niyyah or Intention. Ideally, you should postpone making Niyyah as far as you can. It is done in Al Miqqat and it should be recited verbally as well as internally. 


Umrah Dua'a Niyyah

After making your Niyyah you will have to say Talbiyah to validate your intention and enter into the state of Ihram. 


Umrah Dua'a Talbya

As you move to Makkah keep reciting Al Talbiyah, send Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayers and say, Dua. 

Upon entering Al Haram, it is recommended to recite this Dua, Whisper: 

Umrah Dua'a Haram

When you reach Al Haram, it is preferred to enter through Al Salam Gate, with your right foot and Say: 

Umrah Dua'a at the door

Approaching Al Kaaba for performing Umrah Dua

When you see Al Kaaba for the first time, make Dua and make sure that your heart and mind and all your senses are present as this is one of the situations where Dua is answered. Make the most out of this moment.

Raise your hands and Repeat 3 times:

Umrah Dua'a Kaaba

Then Say:

Umrah Dua'a at Al Kaaba

Tawaf Umrah Dua

Make Niyyah for Tawaf then recite this Dua for Allah to accept your Tawaf and help you with it.


Umrah Dua'a Tawaf

Ali Ibn Abi Talib used to say this Dua when he reaches the Black Stone in each circuit. 

He said:

Umrah Dua'a Black Stone

You can also keep saying La Elah Ela Allah and send prayers to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and say whichever Umrah Dua or Dhikr you want during your Tawaf.

Make the best out of these special moments. Take advantage of each second and fill it with Umrah Dua from the heart. Keep on pleading to Allah’s forgiveness and help and blessing. Tell Him everything you feel and don’t hold back. He is listening and He is there.

Recite this Dua between Rukn Al Yamani and the Hajar Al Aswad, It is Sunnah.


Umrah Dua'a Rukn Yamani

Upon finishing your Tawaf and on your way to pray at Maqam Ibrahim you should recite this in a hearable voice make sure to do plenty of Umrah Dua after praying.


Umrah Dua'a Maqam Ibrahim

After drinking Zamzam water you may say this Dua


Umrah Dua'a Zamzam

You may also recite whichever Umrah Dua you wish as this is one of the spots where Dua is answered.

Safa and Marwa Dua

As you approach Safa and Marwa you can say this Dua


Umrah Dua'a Safa

Then recite:

Umrah Dua'a Safa Begining

These Dua should only be recited once before Sa’i and not at the start of each lap.

At Al Safa Hill recite this Dua 3 times.


Umrah Dua'a Safa 3
Umrah Dua'a Safa 4
Umrah Dua'a Safa 5

At Al Marwa Hill recite the same Dua 3 times

As you leave Al Haram, it is Sunnah to step out with your left foot and say this Dua.


Umrah Dua'a leaving

Remember to send prayers to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ whenever you are making Umrah Dua as Umar ibn Al Khattab said:

Dua is suspended between heaven and earth and none of it is taken up until you send blessings upon your Prophet ﷺ. [Narrated in Sunan al-Tirmidhi]

Check out the complete Umrah Guide for all the rituals step by step.


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