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Riyadh Winter Wonderland: All you need to know


Riyadh Winter Wonderland is a sensational entertainment spectacle and a seasonal attraction that begins during the winter months in the city of Riyadh. If you haven’t visited it yet, it’s one to add to your bucket list. 
After the long break of 2 years due to the pandemic, the winter festival commenced in full swing on 22nd October 2022 and will end on 22nd December 2022. The theme park has doubled in size and is part of Vision 2030, which aims to promote leisure, entertainment, and recreational activities in the Kingdom. 
It’s the city’s biggest theme park and best entertainment venues featuring different subzones, thrilling rides suitable for both adults and kids, entertainment shows, shopping outlets, and array of dining options. Whether it’s a fun-filled day with your family or catching up with your friends, a visit to the Riyadh Winter Wonderland is one of the best and most unique ways to enjoy your winter holiday in the city. 

Exploring Riyadh, the Capital of Saudi Arabia

What is Riyadh Winter Wonderland? 

Riyadh Winter Wonderland is a seasonal attraction and a theme park that opens during the winter months in Riyadh starting from October to March. For 2022, the winter festival commenced on 22nd October 2022 and ends on 22nd December 2022.

The theme park is a family-friendly attraction boasting six subzones with over 50 rides namely Children’s Magical zone, the Snow Forest Zone, the Wonderland Road Zone, the Dreamland Carnival Zone and much more. Some of the popular rides that see long queues are the Ferris wheel, the lunch returner, and the Stomach Churner. 

Want to know more? Why not fancy a trip to Riyadh Winter Wonderland 2022. 

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What activities does Riyadh Winter Wonderland have? 

There’s something special for everybody at the venue. Each year the theme park gets bigger and better, doubling in size and introducing more entertainment activities and shows. From thrilling rides such as the Riyadh Eye and the Stomach Churner to a splendid theme-based carnival at the carnival zone or from children’s workshops to fun shows such as Blippi’s world, there is a lot happening at the Riyadh Winter Wonderland.

What rides does Riyadh Winter Wonderland have? 

This season, the theme park boasts over 54 rides, each one more terrifying and crazier than before. With several options to choose from at the Winter Wonderland, it is difficult for every visitor to decide which ride to ride and which one to let go.

To not miss out on the best rides, we have compiled for you the five top rides that are sure to thrill at the Riyadh Winter Wonderland. 

  1. Riyadh Eye 

The giant Ferris wheel is the iconic symbol of Riyadh Winter Wonderland. Popularly known as the Riyadh Eye, it offers panoramic views of the city. It is the best place to watch the fireworks display. 

  1. Energizer 

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Then this ride is for you. Once you hop on the Energizer ride, you will find yourself spinning around in the air in 360-degree rotations. 

  1. Double Loop roller coaster ride 

Are you a thrill-seeker who loves speed and heights? Then you must try the Double Loop.  As the name suggests, the ride flips you fully upside down twice as you experience the speed and power of the ride. This is not for the faint of heart. 

  1. Sling Shot 

You must have guessed the ride by the name itself. It’s a life-sized slingshot that will spring you in the air. You and your bestie can enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush in this ride, especially when the operator doesn’t disclose the moment of releasing the sling. 

  1. The Gaming Arena 

There are many video game alternatives available for players of different skill levels, age groups, and game styles in the Gaming Arena. You and your friends can compete against each other, enjoy an exciting day, and win lots of prizes. 


How to go to Riyadh Winter Wonderland? 

If you’re an international tourist planning to visit Riyadh, you can travel either by road or by plane.

By road 

If you love long-drives and want to satiate your appetite for an adventure on the road, you can drive to Saudi on your own car. The excellent road conditions are a great way to enjoy the road trip. Make sure you have a valid driving license or an international driving license that is permitted by both countries.  

By plane 

There are several flight options such as Saudia airlines or Emirates airlines that fly to and fro to Riyadh.

Once you reach Riyadh, there are several hotels nearby to stay in and you can commute around the city with the help of well-connected taxis and buses. The theme park is 15 mins away from the main city center

Where to stay near Riyadh Winter Wonderland? 

Riyadh is a modern metropolis that boasts ultra-luxurious hotels to simple homestays. You can either stay in the heart of the city and commute around through taxis or you can stay in hotels closer to the Winter Wonderland venue. 

Here’s a list of top hotels you can stay near Riyadh Winter Wonderland; 

  • Hilton Garden Inn, Riyadh
  • Double Tree by Hilton
  • Grand Plaza Hotel
  • Mansard Riyadh, A Radisson Collection
  • Movenpick Hotel and Residences, Riyadh 

winter wonderlandWhat are the opening hours of Winter Wonderland? 

Riyadh Winter Wonderland 2022 began on 22nd October and ends on 22nd December. 

It is open daily from 4 pm to 1 am on weekdays and 4 pm to 2 am on weekends.

To book your tickets, visit Riyadh Winter Wonderland 

How much does Riyadh Winter Wonderland cost? 

The entrance fee to the venue is SAR55.

However, if you want to hop on the rides, you need to pay for them separately, where you can choose between regular or fast-track entry tickets.

Free entry for kids under 5 years and people with special needs. 

Are you excited to visit the Riyadh Winter Wonderland? Quickly plan your weekend getaway sooner, as the event closes on 22nd December 2022, and enjoy a special and memorable holiday with your family and friends this winter.



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