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An Intriguing Interview with a Prosperous Umrah Service Provider in the Gulf


Umrah service provider office owner

Umrahme’s partners are one of its pillars of success. Let’s get to know them, their history, their success story and their journey while shedding some light on the Umrah industry and everything that is related to it. We will dive into the ideology and methodology of one of the most prominent Umrah Service providers in the Gulf Region. Al-Bayan for Hajj and Umrah is a well-established company that has been in business for so long that they truly offer a lifetime experience for their clients.  

Umrahme editorial team was honored to conduct a phone call interview with Mr. Ayman Mussa, General Manager of Al-Bayan Company for Hajj and Umrah. In which we got to exchange experiences, valuable information, the latest updates, and success stories. Al-Bayan is based in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. 

In the beginning, let’s welcome you Mr. Ayman, and Thank you for your time and acceptance to meet with us on such short notice. 

Mr. Ayman, Al Bayan Company has such a long history and good reputation in the Hajj and Umrah market. When did you start working in the UAE?

The license was issued in 2002. However, We have been working in the field of Hajj and Umrah since 2006. I started my career in Saudi Arabia in transportation and hotel services. Then, the investors decided to open in the UAE. I was one of the first people who were relied upon and then I became the office manager in 2009. Two years later I started investing in the UAE office.

Al-Bayan Company is one of the first companies to organize trips to Mina Towers in the Kingdom. We are also the only ones in the northern region of the Emirates who specialized in organizing individual and group Umrah trips.

– Tell us more about Covid-19 and its ramifications on the business, was there another source of income, How did you manage to sustain your company?

We bared great losses, like everyone working in the Umrah sector, it was a huge hit indeed. Yet, our reputation in the market and our clients’ trust were our means of survival from this crisis. We also merged our Hajj and Umrah services with our travel and tourism services which gave us a kind of balance that helped us keep floating. We organized charter flights to Egypt to transfer those who were stranded in the Emirates immediately after the opening of flights. Finally, we helped Egyptians working in Kuwait stranded in Egypt to return again to Kuwait through the United Arab Emirates.

– How do you see the numbers of pilgrims after resuming Umrah?

It is still completely far from how it was at this time of the year before the pandemic. Nonetheless, I have to appreciate the great efforts and safety measures taken by the Kingdom. The Saudi government put people’s lives, safety, and security as the first and foremost priority. 

– Let’s talk numbers! You are a well-established company that has been years in the market, Can you recall the number of Pilgrims since the beginning?

Our numbers speak for us. Thank God, we began by issuing 200-300 visas per season in 2009 and reached 2,500 – 3,000 visas in just 5 years. Our success is based upon many factors but the most significant ones are; our partnerships and our fixed stakes with hotels and aviation services providers. We also excel in putting together great traveling packages for our pilgrims. These packages guarantee their satisfaction, comfort, and needs fulfillment.  We also provide weekly trips by land and air. Our numbers now reached between 4,500 and 5,000 Umrah visas in one season before the pandemic. Finally, we keep developing and enhancing our operations and offers to maintain our status and keep going forward. 

– As a successful young businessman, What secrets of success would you like to share with your fellow travel agents around the world? 

Our business is among the most difficult businesses to sustain and succeed at. As we are selling a service, that is totally subjected to our client’s evaluation. The trick is in providing the clients with all the information especially, the small details before they boarding their trip. This elevates the level of credibility and transparency between us. Our clients are our main focus, their satisfaction is what we aspire for. From the moment of their arrival to Saudi Arabia they become our responsibility, that’s why a company representative is always present in Makkah and Madinah to support them whenever needed.  

– Then, can we say that your true secret lies in credibility, excellent customer service, and support?

Yes, and we are proud of that. As you know we do not have a strong presence on social media but thank God and the quality of the services we provide, the numbers of our clients are always increasing.

– Do you have a recruitment department? How do you choose your team members?

Actually, we don’t have one yet. However, my experience in the market qualifies me to couple the right candidate with the right position. I always follow up on my employees’ development, especially during their training period. I rather look for personal qualities like honesty and their ability to put the clients’ interests first and target achievement and material gains second.

– Tell us more about your Umrah packages, How come they are so popular?

Our primary focus in any of our designed packages is money. We don’t offer cheap packages as we have high-quality standards that we can’t break. Yet, our packages are considered affordable. For example, we can’t go beyond a 4 stars hotel for accommodation. 

– As an industry expert, How do you see the future of Umrah and Hajj?

We are very optimistic. We started with 200 visas and reached 5,000 in 10 years. Our goal now is to reach 10,000 visas. We have all the qualifications and the means, then why won’t we shoot for the stars. 

– Tell us more about your future preparations, How are you planning to reach more goals and achieve more success? 

Our main asset is the word of mouth. How our clients perceive us is the most important factor in our continuation and success. Despite this, we acknowledge the need to shift to the electronic world and start advertising on social media.

We are also thinking of expanding in the other emirates. Two years ago we opened a new branch in Dubai and we are now thinking of Ras al-Khaimah or Abu Dhabi in order to reach new markets and new customers after recovering from the consequences of Covid-19.

We are now studying designing Umrah packages that include a tourism program within the Kingdom for those wishing to discover new tourist places. At the same time, we are developing our customer services, by which we can facilitate procedures, rapidly respond to queries, and utilize problem-solving through our representatives. 

Al-Bayan was the only company in the UAE that resumed Umrah trips after the return of Umrah last November. All reservations were made through umrahme.com

– Finally, how do you see the technological transition that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has implemented in the recent years as a travel agent, and how do you evaluate the role played by the OTA’s?

A 100% positive transition. It is a great idea to compile all the services on one platform. umrahme.com really helped in more efficient and effective transactions, more comfortable outcomes, and a great deal of time and money savings. This is not a compliment this is the truth. 

Honestly, I tried other platforms before umrahme but I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. Umrahme has it all,  reliable technologies, user -friendly platform, and offers the best prices. Actually, the OTA’s made it so hard for manipulative and untrusted agents to deceive clients or provide them with fake offers.

– Did you need to contact Umrahme customer service? How was your experience?

It was an amazing experience with impeccable service. The efforts to solve the issue I am facing or the inquiry that I have were remarkable. They even called afterward to make sure that there were no further issues and the solution and service were satisfactory. 

We ended our pleasurable conversation by thanking Mr. Ayman for his time and valuable information and wished Al Bayan more achievements and successes. 

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