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Umrah News 1444 – 2022: Your Source for Umrah Latest Highlights

Disclaimer: This post is reviewed and updated regularly (weekly) by Umrahme’s editorial team to guarantee an up to date and authentic Umrah News and information.

Umrah, the ritual of spirituality and discovery. In which our state of mind is fueled by the presence of Allah and the abidance by His rules. In today’s world news and especially Umrah news, rules and regulations are continuously changing. So we, at Umrahme, carried on our shoulders the responsibility of delivering accurate, new updates that are taken from official sources once released. 

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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah rules and regulations for Umrah performance 1444. The Ministry has confirmed several times that Umrah for foreign pilgrims will not be closed again. However, the necessary precautionary and safety measures will be enforced fiercely to ensure everyone’s health and security.

tawaf around Kaaba

Umrah News Highlights 1444

Sep 2022 – Safar 1444

Umrah Visa and Permits

As part of the Kingdom’s efforts to enhance The Guests of Allah’s experience and provide smoother procedures for Umrah performers, The Ministry has announced that foreign pilgrims can now book their Umrah trips and obtain their e-Visas using the Maqam electronic platform. Pilgrims can select their packages, complete the e-Visa requirements, book flights, accommodations and transportation through the approved tourism and travel agencies or through any of the approved platforms listed here.

The visa should be issued through the platform within 24 hours after a successful online payment and should be valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

The visa grants pilgrims the freedom to visit several cities within the Kingdom to explore the history, culture and diversity of Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims can enter and leave through any international or regional airport in the Kingdom.

Visa holders of all types will be able to perform Umrah provided that they obtain an Umrah permit from Eatmarna App.

UK, US and EU residents and UK, US or Schengen tourist and business visa holders can get on arrival visa provided that the visa was used to enter the visa-issuing country at least once.

Umrah and prayer permits should be obtained via Eatmarna App after visa issuance.

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Umrah Tawaf

Umrah News Highlights 1444

August 2022 – Muharram 1444

Vaccine and Health Requirements

Providing a negative PCR upon arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a requirement anymore. However pilgrims are required to present a proof of vaccination upon arrival

The approved vaccines are:

  • Moderna
  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • Janssen
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca

The vaccination status will first need to be registered on muqeem portal, at least 72 hours before departure to the Kingdom.

Pilgrims are required to have comprehensive health insurance, including cover for the cost of treatment for COVID-19.

Umrah in 2021

Umrah News Highlights 1444

September 2022 – Safar 1444

New Rules and Regulations

Pilgrims can now enjoy Al Haramain high-speed train service between Makkah and Madinah to arrive to their destination in just 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Although the Haram barriers have been removed for pilgrims to be able to approach  Al Ka’aba and the precautionary measures have decreased, the Saudi authorities urge all pilgrims to abide by the prevailing health precautions and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety and health.

Pilgrims can bring their kids along to perform Umrah. Kids who are 5 years and older must obtain a permit from Eatmarna App to enter Al Haram, However, younger kids can enter without the permit.

Social Distancing and Masks
The Hajj and Umrah authorities have lifted the social distancing measures in the Grand Holy Mosque, the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and all other mosques. However, wearing a mask is still required in all indoors areas and inside the mosques.

Eatmarna App

Tawakkalna and Eatmarna Apps

In cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence “SADAIA”, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has developed the two applications to enable those wishing to perform Umrah, visitation, and prayer to issue permits according to the absorptive capacity approved by the concerned authorities and to ensure the provision of safety and security following the precautionary procedures. Pilgrims coming to Saudi must first register on the Saudi Quddum platform, to be able to use Eatmarna and Tawakkalna. Travelers are advised to download both applications on their mobile phones before coming to The Kingdom.


Through Tawakkalna App You Can;

  – Preview all Eatmarna Permits for Praying, Tawaf, or Visiting the Prophet’s Tomb (for men only).

– Check the status of congestion at the two Holy Mosques.

-Review Umrah and Hajj Permits


The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched the app to enable Umrah aspirers to issue Umrah and prayer permits to help overcome the congestion. 

Through Eatmarna you can;

-Get an Umrah Permit

-Get a Prayer Permit

-Check the congestion level at the two Holy Mosques

How to Use Eatmarna App?

  1. Download the App
  2. Fill in personal Details
  3. Enter the one-time password once received.
  4. Select which permit you require
  5. Complete the form 
  6. Select the date and time slot you want
  7. Select the transportation center
  8. Read the instructions
  9. Get a confirmation message.

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