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Newly Added Features for Smoother Business Transactions


In today’s world, it is important that we regularly review what we are doing and how we are doing it. Hence, our newly added features help our clients is our ongoing endeavor. Our team is always considering new ideas, innovative ways, and efficient processes so that each and every user can finalize his business transactions smoothly, hassle-free, and in a timely manner. 

Be in Control … Take the Lead

Let us take you on a tour to showcase our newly added features, which truly provide you with a seamless user experience.

You can find all the new features on Umrahme portal…. 1st Umrah Booking Portal Worldwide

Link your profile with an Umrah Operator

Umrah Agents can directly link their profile with an Umrah Operator, this will allow them to share their bookings instantly with their Umrah Operator who can finalize and pay for the booking.

The new enhanced dashboard is equally beneficial for the Umrah Operator, they will not only have the option to approve and pay for bookings but also be able to modify, apply promo codes and subPCC.

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Multiple Entities/Agents under One Profile

Add all your entities and agents under your main account and access them from one profile, saving you the time of logging in and out from different user profiles.

Multiple IBAN

Add multiple IBAN in one profile and have the option to link one IBAN to different entities or multiple IBAN to different entities.

Select Different Entity for Invoicing

Umrah Operators now have the option to select any entity registered under their profile for invoicing during the booking process.

Add Logo on the Booking Voucher

Umrah Operators can now have their logo appear on the booking voucher.

Express Checkout

Save your time and pay for all your bookings in one go. Select up to 30 booking requests at a time, approve and confirm payment in less than 5 minutes.


Book RT-PCR tests for your Umrah Group in a few minutes. You have the option of choosing a single or three tests combo.


Download our PDF Guide to view step by step instructions on our newly added features