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Profound Discussions with the Experts: Exploring the Flight Marketplace


In our pursue to highlight Umrahme’s achievements in the Umrah market, and to introduce our range of new features on our platform like the flight marketplace, we decided to meet with the behind-the-scenes heroes who make all of this possible. We will be conducting a series of internal interviews with Umrahme Team. We intend to get to know them personally and learn more about the projects they have been cooking in Umrahme’s kitchen. 

This week we met with Manvendra Naha Roy, Vice President – Commercial for Traveazy group. He is responsible for all supplier relationships and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, he is the functional head of flights & hotels and is also instrumental in the product strategy and development offerings. We talked about the latest addition to Umrahme platform, Expo 2020 Dubai, and got some insider tips on efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Expert’s Experience and Background

Manvendra has 20 years of progressive experience in the field of e-commerce & digital business in B2B & B2C segments. Additionally, Manvendra’s experience includes exposure to various segments of e-commerce and online business with an in-depth understanding of the domain, business processes, functional and technical requirements of the industry. He is also experienced in managing multi-functional and multi-cultural teams across various geographies and managing external agencies across markets.


First, we would like to welcome you Manvendra, and tell you how excited we are for this interview. 

Let’s start by telling our readers more about Manvendra, and how did you start working with Umrahme, and What would mainly characterize your success story? 

Thank you for having me. Umrahme feels like home to me. We have strived together to build a successful brand that is recognized by our customers and partners worldwide. I started working with Holidayme back in 2017, as a Business Head & Product Owner in its headquarters in Dubai. Firstly, I was mainly responsible for creating the product vision, backlog of product requirements and prioritize the development of functions and features thus delivering business value to the organization. And since then, we have come a long way together and have been through a lot of thick and thin. A tough ride indeed!

Now, We have partners from airlines, hotels, and ancillary providers. They look up to us for strategic opportunities, with confidence in our capabilities to deliver, on time and with perfect outcomes. 

What were the biggest challenges that you were able to overcome throughout your career with Holidayme and Umrahme? 

We have been through the struggle of limited resources like in any other startup. However, our vision has been grand to create the best tech/platform. As an industry, we all are going through this rough patch, but we have managed to survive and hope those good old days are just around the corner. In which we will be more stable, have more resources, and get rid of these rough times with good crisis management experience.

flight marketplace app

Tell us more about the new feature which will be added to umrahme.com soon, the Flight Marketplace. 

The Flight Marketplace feature is a unique solution catering to the existing challenges of Umrah agents and suppliers. Moreover, this solution automates the existing manual process of flight purchasing. The old process has been tedious and time & resource-consuming for providers. Consequently, agents will get the benefit of buying and requesting group bookings at the same speed and efficiency as they buy normal FIT bookings. This can help them procure better pricing and improve conversions.

Who are we targeting with the Flight Marketplace feature?

The Solution is designed for generic group and FIT bookings. It can also be leveraged by all agents. For sellers, like consolidators, it provides them with an opportunity to offer their negotiated pricing and inventory for all Flights. Similarly, buyers can benefit from purchasing flight inventory across any route and compare pricing from global, regional, and local sellers without the need for multiple accounts and access to multiple portals.

Know more about Umrahme Cashback Program

How will Umrahme introduce the service in a unique way?

Like we always do :). Apart from the ease and convenience of use, our platform will offer the buyers multiple forms of payment like Credit Line, Top-Up, or even local payment options. More and Above, this new technology we built, is rolling out to each individual market, which will make things like cross-border transfers and payments will be easy and seamless.

Expo logo

Moving to the next big topic we have on our agenda, The EXPO, How will Umrahme participate in EXPO 2020 Dubai?

Given our background in selling online packages, we are about to roll out a complete dynamic packaging solution for EXPO 2020 Dubai.

How will these packages be different and attract customers?

This solution has negotiated and contracted rates from airlines like Emirates and various bed banks offering compelling pricing. Moreover, it will offer UAE visas, travel Insurance, and Expo tickets, apart from normal attraction tickets for very attractive rates.

Our solution also automates the UAE visa application process. Generally, the agent will just have to upload the passport copy of the traveler and our robotics solution will abstract the information required and create the visa form, which can be submitted with a click of a button.

When shall we expect this feature to be available on our platform to our users?

Generally, we intend to make it live very soon.

Unfortunately, this was the last question on our list. We would like to thank you so much for your time and for sharing this precious information with us.