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A guide to Tourism in Saudi Arabia: 10 activities to do in Jeddah


Jeddah the pearl of the Red Sea, and the second-largest city in the Kingdom is true to its motto “Jeddah is different”. Jeddah is jam-packed with so many activities, adventures, and sightseeing that will keep your visit exciting, fun, and adventurous. A thrilling ride indeed! With historic sights, water activities, shopping, themed parks, and many more. All will leave you spoilt for choice. 


Let’s create an exceptionally amazing itinerary full of fun activities to do in Jeddah.

corniche Jeddah

The best water activities to do in Jeddah

If you have to pick one destination for water activities with your family, you should definitely pick Jeddah. The things to do in Jeddah concerning water sports are limitless. You will find suitable activities for every family member with huge varieties.

1. Dive Deep

There is a whole other world underwater in Jeddah. Astonishing diving sites with untouched coral reefs. Most of the diving sites are located in Jeddah along with offices offering diving gear rentals and courses for beginners. Sharm Obhur shore waters are packed with Nemo look-alike clownfish, lionfish, eels, and bull sharks. You will also find the skeletons of several shipwrecks, now overgrown with colorful coral and home to many species of fish.

2. Take a trip 

With its turquoise blue waters and never-ending horizon, it’s impossible to ignore the call of the gorgeous Red Sea. Go on a boat trip in which you can go fishing, snorkel, swim, enjoy the amazing weather and have a delicious bite on deck.

3. Swim with the Dolphins

You have to go to the first marine exhibition of its kind in Saudi Arabia “Fakieh Aquarium”. The aquarium is the house of over 200 species. 85% of these species are native to Jeddah’s astonishing coral reefs. So you won’t need scuba gear to discover this amazing underwater world, you will only need a ticket to this vast aquarium with its tunnels and tanks and you are good to go.

water activities in jeddah

The best adventures to go on in Jeddah

Jeddah is one of the oldest seaports in the Gulf and the gateway to Makkah. Its welcoming attitude to all people from all over the world with its rich history and acceptance made it a melting pot for all cultures. That’s why the activities to do in Jeddah are different, extraordinary, and diversified. 

4. Hike up to the wonders

Among the most exciting activities to do in Jeddah is Hiking. Where you can camp for the night under the stars, have a barbeque dinner, enjoy the breathtaking view from above and check out the unique rock formations of each mountain. There are several mountains to consider but you don’t want to miss the Moon Mountain. 

5. Get your kids going

The activities to do in Jeddah for kids are numerous. They range from educational fun to developing real-life skills. Your child’s creativity will be explored on so many levels. From painting to child-friendly sports, they will go on a day of thrilling rides, video games, bowling, rock climbing, and even ice skating. They can also enjoy live lion shows, circus performances, and a variety of amusement parks. Let your kids get drenched express themselves.  

6. Embrace the History

The melting pot has a long, deep history with so many transformations and stories to tell. For a wild look into Jeddah’s long and cosmopolitan past, take a journey to the precious selection of museums found throughout the city.

There you will get to know, The History of Islam, The History of Jeddah, and How Saudi Arabia Was Formed. You will also get to experience the art, the food, and the ambiance of modern Jeddah. Among the historic activities to do in Jeddah is visiting Al Balad. Where you will be amazed with its remarkable architecture and delectable street food, which make this magical place irresistible. 

7. Go for a Safari

Safari is one of the best activities to do in Jeddah. Get lost in the bashing sand dunes and the beautiful scenery. The open space and quietness will elevate your mood. There are many types of safari, like Jeep tours, camel tours, sand surfing, and more.

al balad in Jeddah

The best tours around the city of Jeddah

8. Shop till you drop

Dedicate a day or two for shopping only. The shopping malls are all over the city with lots of shops, deals, and bargains, that you don’t want to miss. You also don’t want to miss, the oldest market in Jeddah where you can haggle right from pin to piano. Go for perfume cocktails, made to order, get some delicious dates and dry fruits at great prices, and many more in the Souq.


9. Explore a cuisine of a million delicacies

Don’t miss the food activities to do in Jeddah. Indulge in this multicultural flavors cuisine. The local cuisine flair and the people’s hospitality are unique traits to the port city. However, you will find all that you dream of when it comes to food. From the traditional Arabic dishes to the contemporary multinational dishes with their chefs’ signatures. You will find all types of restaurants from the ones that have an Arabian flavor with a twist to casual dinings. The family-friendly, and the cozy dine-in spots. From street-stall shawarma to fine-dining fusion. All those mouthwatering dishes will leave you with a smile and a satisfied appetite. 


10. Discover the City

Go for a tour to discover the city’s gems. Here are some sightseeing activities to do in Jeddah. 

Go to King Fahd’s Fountain is a much-loved Jeddah landmark, The fountain is better at night. Take a picture with Jeddah Flagpole at Saudi Flag Roundabout. Also, you can approach the Seaport to view Jeddah Lighthouse.

food in jeddah

Must-sees and activities to do in Jeddah

Jeddah’s Floating Mosque

The Floating Mosque of Fatima Al Zahra Mosque is visited by millions, especially during the high tides. The Mosque is open for prayers and tourists. 

Jeddah’s Corniche 

Go for a pleasant walk for the whole family. You can enjoy it in the morning or evening with various activities, open spaces, and events.

Naseef House

It is one of Jeddah’s well-restored old coral houses. It belonged to one of the most powerful families who were famed for trading in Jeddah. Later the house became a royal residence for King Abdul Aziz. It also has one of the oldest, biggest trees in the city.

Beit Al Ballad

Among the activities to do in Jeddah is visiting a museum that was built in the 20th century as the British legation’s headquarters in Jeddah. Beit Al Ballad now hosts some of the most artistic pieces and photographs. 

Al Shallal Theme Park

One of the most amazing activities to do in Jeddah is going on a fun-filled adventure to explore Al Shallal Theme Park which is more of a resort than a park. 

roller coaster

Jeddah Traveling Tips

We will share with you some tips before going on a holiday to Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is safe and dynamic and welcoming as it is considered among the metropolitan cities of the world. You just need to pick your traveling dates wisely to avoid the hot weather days, stick to the major touristic areas, adhere to the city’s rules and regulations, be respectful to authorities and understand the law.  You will find no problem in commuting as all transportation options are available and plenty. 

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Jeddah, the most fascinating city among Saudi Arabia’s cities. With its worldly-wise and liberal attitude which can’t be found anywhere else in the Kingdom. You will definitely enjoy its heritage, Souq, beaches, and marvelous diving sites. Additionally, you will never forget its diverse, world-class cuisines, innovative kids activities and you will return back home with a lot of souvenirs and gifts after an amusing shopping experience. Visit Saudi Arabia and Don’t miss out on loads of activities to do in Jeddah.

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