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Cities Worth Visiting in Saudi Arabia


Get to know the hidden gems in a country that owns a lot of them, then plan your visit to Saudi Arabia.

The cities that have never been explored of a country that has a lot to offer. Saudi Arabia has been labeled as the last unexplored frontier when it comes to tourism. Saudi Arabia Cities are full of tourist attractions that have never been touched.  These cities have dramatic landscapes, traditional houses built on the mountains, historic sites, and much more.

But all of that is about to change as the government has dedicated its efforts to put them under the spotlight. Thus putting those treasures and Saudi Arabia on the map of tourism.

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Let’s dive into three of the unexplored cities in our visit to Saudi Arabia and uncover some of their hidden gems

Yanbu’a City … The Red Sea Pearl

Yanbu’a is one of the governorates of Al Medinah Al Munawara. It is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It lies about 200 km west of Al Medinah, 125 km south of Umluj City, and 300 km north of Jeddah. Yanbu’a is the second-largest city on the Red Sea after Jeddah. It is called the Pearl of the Red Sea, as Yanbu’a hosts the best diving sites in the Kingdom.

The city is distinguished by its striking origins in history. Its history extends back more than 2,500 years, as its role emerged in the past as a port linking it with a number of neighboring countries. In addition to its pivotal role on the trade route of spices and incense from Yemen to Egypt and the Mediterranean region. As for the name of the city, it was derived from its possession of more than 300 springs of water. These springs are the main reason tourists from around the world, want to visit such an amazing city. 

The most prominent feature in Yanbu’a is the breathtaking coral reefs and the underwater magic. Yanbu’a embraces the best diving areas in the Kingdom. You will find many specialized centers for scuba diving there. If you are a fan of scuba diving you shouldn’t miss the “Seven Sisters” area which is famous for the presence of the hammerhead shark, and tuna fish. You can also go to Abu Qalawa Island and enjoy some of the most beautiful coral caves and Barracuda fish while exploring the Lona shipwreck.

Jeddah City… The Bride of the Red Sea

The ancient connection between traders and pilgrims and the main entrance to Makkah. One of the mesmerizing cities of Saudi Arabia. Its sophisticated flair and tolerant atmosphere, which isn’t present in any other city in the Kingdom, are definitely some of its main attractions. You will love its souq with its colorful diversified shops. But above all, you wouldn’t want to miss its fantastic coastline. The coastline has amazing diving sites, which are rated some of the best in the world.  Jeddah’s top-notch restaurants are to die for. They have diversified cuisines, special plates, and incredible chefs from around the world. Jeddah’s rich commercial, artistic, and cultural activities fill it with life in all its forms.

Jeddah is known for its narrow alleys. These alleys mainly separate the ancient merchant houses built of coral stones. The alleys lead to the markets which can never be missed with the scent of Arabian spices floating in the air. Many buildings were restored in previous years, including Nassif Senior House with its 106 rooms which was the residence of King Abdulaziz Bin Al Saud before becoming King of the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On your next visit, do not forget to pass by the famous Jeddah Corniche. It hosts different activities around the year. As well as AlTayebat City Museum, in which the walls are decorated with traditional Hijazi decorations and the architecture captures the hearts and the eyes.

Abha City… The gorgeous city

A beautiful scenery located at 2000 meters above sea level. Making Abha the highest peak in Saudi Arabia. Abha and its breathtaking landscapes, cooler climate, and location are the reasons behind considering it the perfect adventure and relaxation getaway.  

It is the capital of Asir city and it means the most beautiful. The name is driven by its stunning beauty of nature. In Spring, the purple color covers the city.  As more than 13,000 “Jacaranda” trees were planted in the streets and the roads, giving Abha a glamorous, magical look. Abha was chosen as the Arab Tourism Capital in 2017. It is the first city within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve this title.

The city has environmental diversity, topography, and different geographical features. You will love the forests in the parks of Al Souda, Dulgan, and Al Habla. Finally, when hiking up the mountains you will be taken by the breathtaking view from up there.  You must also pay a visit to the eastern plains and the western coasts.

The city of Abha accounts for 70% of the greenery in the Kingdom. It is famous for the cultivation of juniper and cactus trees. As well as a clean and pollution-free environment and natural reserves such as Raida Reserve

Plan your visit to Saudi Arabia ahead and enjoy a picnic at one of the many camping sites in Asir National Park, a great way to refuel between nature trails.

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