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Going to Umrah with Kids: Be Well Prepared


So, have you decided to perform Umrah and take your family with you? Going to Umrah with kids is challenging as most people think Umrah is absurd for younger kids but with proper planning and preparation, it will be amusing and rewarding Inshallah!  

Pre-Trip Preparations 

Preparations for Umrah with kids are imperative for a smooth, enjoyable trip so don’t take it lightly. Prepare a traveling list with the items you will need at least a week before the traveling date and keep updating it whenever you remember anything.  

First and foremost, introduce Umrah and its concept and what it entails to them, explain the various stages, show them pictures and tell the story so that they are aware of what to expect.  

Planning your Trip to Makkah 

Choose a reputable travel agency. This step will save you a lot of booking and flight hassle. You can check Umrahme for the best rates and a hassle-free booking process. Always mention that your kids are joining you on the trip to book a room that will be comfortable with beds that fit your needs as Makkah most of the time offers single beds, so you end up in a really uncomfortable situation. A rule of thumb is always to choose a hotel near Haram to avoid long tiring trips back and forth from and to the hotel. 

Choose a direct flight and preferably a day flight arrive at night rest and do your Umrah first thing in the morning to avoid tired kids nagging. During the flight make sure you have a device that is full of games and entertainment because you do not want a bored child cooped up in a plane for hours. Also, make sure to book a kid’s meal, this will make the eating time less hectic. Make sure to buy some snacks and juice once you pass the security checkpoint at the airport. Always pack lightly as the weather in Makkah is never too cold, however, you can always take a light jacket just in case.  

Make your trip as child friendly as possible by arranging for pick-ups and drop-offs, pick a hotel with playing areas where you can leave your child, and always pack their favorite toys. 

Family in Umrah

Top Tips for performing Umrah with Kids

You are up for a lot of walking durng Tawaf and Sa’i so it would be best if each child is looked after by one adult and if you will carry your kid please consider a sling or a baby carrier as strollers are not allowed in Haram. Moreover, you will need a safety harness for toddlers who tend to run away from you.

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Ihram for kids is not obligatory. However, kids above 7 years old can perform Umrah wearing Ihram but you will need to decide beforehand to plan accordingly. If you are dressing your kids in Ihram for memorable photos, make sure to take an extra set of clothes with you as Ihram won’t be comfortable for kids to wear for long.

Make sure your kid is well-fed before starting your Umrah and always carry snacks with you. Generally, you don’t have to worry about water as Zamzam water dispensers are found everywhere.

Safety and Precautions for your Umrah with Kids

Attach a wristband or a chain to your kid with their name, your telephone number, and hotel information in case you got separated at any point in time. Decide on a family meeting point in case any of you got lost. The Sacred Mosque gate numbers are a major help.

Kids learn a lot about Islam from this trip and blessings of this highly spiritual journey are bestowed upon them just like us while they are in Al Haram. Take your kids to Umrah and let their love for Islam grow and the feeling of belonging to this great religion prosper. Enjoy your Umrah with kids and cherish those memories

Family in Umrah

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