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Quick Snacks and Fine Dining: The Best 10 Restaurants in Madinah


Madinah, the city of our beloved prophet. Visiting Madinah is always more relaxed and highly spiritual. It is more like a visit to your most cherished companion whom you have not seen for a while. Restaurants in Madinah have significantly evolved over time and now they are diversified, tasteful, and found everywhere. 

Fast Food Restaurants  

Aren’t they everybody’s favorite? They are flavorful, fast with lots of varieties, and good value for money so what not to love about them? Fast food chains are found everywhere and are considered the most visited restaurants in Madinah. 

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Al Baik Restaurant 

Obviously, we are going to mention Al Baik at the forefront of fast-food restaurants where visitors flock to eat its famous broasted chicken meals not only in Madinah but from everywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been there for decades with the same quality and distinguished taste. The restaurant is also famous for serving various other meals such as Mushab and seafood. Al Baik Restaurant is found next to the Prophet’s Mosque in front of the School of Sharia Sciences. It is one of the most crowded restaurants in Madinah.

Hardee’s Restaurant 

 One of the most famous American restaurant chains in the Middle East, the Madinah branch is characterized by its closeness to the Prophet’s Mosque, steps away, and it offers many popular meals for the whole family, including burgers and chicken sandwiches. One of its most important advantages is that its prices are really affordable. 

Al Tazaj Restaurant 

 One of the most distinguished Saudi food chains offering many varieties, fresh and healthy fast food as all the poultry used comes fresh from their farms in the Kingdom. Their chicken is cooked in nontraditional ways with special herbs and spices. 

International Cuisines 

The restaurants in Madinah specializing in international cuisines offer dishes from all over the world prepared by premium chefs from Pakistan, Italy, the Americas, and more. So, if you are up for an international experience check out the list below of some of the finest restaurants in Madinah.

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Steak House Restaurant 

The restaurant offers distinctive steak dishes with many cooking methods, in addition to many items that suit the tastes of most family members. It is considered one of the best restaurants in Medinah for steak and meat. In addition to the diverse flavors offered, the restaurant staff are always ready to attend to the guests needs with great attitude, which contributed to the restaurant receiving the Saudi Excellence Tourism Award (SETA) four times in a row, and it is the only restaurant in the Kingdom that has won it several times.  

Arabesque Restaurant 

One of the most well-located restaurants in Madinah, with a wonderful view of the Prophet’s Mosque, giving it a wonderful spiritual atmosphere. The restaurant serves various Asian dishes and offers many vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can enjoy the chefs’ presentations while preparing your dishes. It offers flavorsome Shami desserts that you won’t be able to resist.  

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Indian Palace Restaurant  

It is the Indian food lovers’ favorite. It is one of the few restaurants in Madinah, that is famous for its Indian tasty dishes prepared by experienced Indian chefs using the best fresh Indian spices and ingredients. The restaurant is situated on the ring road after Al Rashid Mega Mall. 

Shing Yang Restaurant  

A Chinese mouthwatering experience. The restaurant has family spaces, and its dishes are decorated beautifully. It offers Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Sushi dishes with great varieties. The service is always friendly and attentive, and your order usually arrives quickly. 

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Swiss House Restaurant with its relatively close location to every place in Al l Madinah through Al Sultana Road. It has generous portions with its American, Mexican and Arabian dishes varieties.  

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Beiruti Restaurant is one of the oldest Shami restaurants in Madinah. It is famous for its delicious shawarma sandwiches and savory breakfast dishes. Families are always welcomed.  

Town Pour Restaurant whenever you are thinking about Italian savory dishes, go for its authentic Italian delicacies and delightful souffle. 

Now tell us, which restaurant are you going to try it on your next visit?