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Ramadan Celebrations around the World


Ramadan celebrations are lightening up the world. The month when Prophet Muhammad received revelations from Allah for the first time through Gabriel. Also, the revelation of the first verse in Quran was during its last 10 nights. Ramadan, the ninth month on the Islamic calendar and the most celebrated month of the year. Nearly 2 billion Muslims around the globe are setting the stage, clearing their decks and gearing up to welcome Ramadan. As it is not just about abstinence from food and drinks during the day, it is about connecting with Allah on a whole different level. The high spiritual mood, the prayings at night, and the Iftar feasts bring people and communities together in amazing surroundings that only take place during Ramadan. 


Vibrant Ramadan Celebrations everywhere

Let’s take you on a journey to the different countries around the world and know more about their  Ramadan celebrations, food feasts, worshiping habits, beautiful traditions, and colorful decorations during the holy month.

Egyptians light up colorful lanterns 

Ramadan in Egypt is an occasion that people prepare for 6 months in advance. Egypt is famous for its colorful lanterns (Fawanees) that decorate the streets, houses, and shops. They also have a dedicated person who roams the streets before dawn to wake people up for Sohoor. He usually knows the street’s residents by name and calls them. He is called “Mesaharaty”. They also gather for large food feasts during Iftar, go out after Iftar and stay awake all night. 

Ramadan celebrations in Egypt are numerous and bright. Every place, shop, and home is decorated and prepared for a month of celebrations.  


Saudis get together and revive old traditions

Traditions passed on from one generation to another are revived during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. The most valuable tradition is big gatherings around a huge food feast. The biggest table is held on the night before Ramadan and it is called Quraish Night.

Ramadan Celebrations in Saudi Arabia are colorful and live. It involves swimming during the day and gatherings and gaming during the night. 

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Indonesians do a cleansing ritual

The day before Ramadan has a special cleansing ritual in Indonesia. People used to go to springs and soak themselves from head to toe. Springs hold deep spiritual significance in Javanese culture and are an integral part of purification. This tradition is believed to have been spread by Wali Songo, a group of revered priests who were the first missionaries to communicate Islamic teachings throughout Java. Nowadays people just take a swim in any nearby pool or just bathe at home.

Ramadan Celebrations in Indonesia are usually limited to religious rituals, praying, fasting, and pleading for Allah’s forgiveness. 


Emirati kids sing for sweets

Celebrations usually start in Mid-Sha’aban. In which, kids dress up in their most elegant clothes carry a bag made of cloth, and roam the neighborhood reciting poems and singing songs for the neighbors to greet them with sweets and nuts. It is called Hagg Al-Layla. 

Ramadan Celebrations in the UAE with many charitable events and activities, big family gatherings, and traditional dishes and sweets such as Gars, a bread-like crumble with dates and cardamom, and Harees and Threed. Also firing the cannon is one of the most awaited traditions in the UAE.

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Ramadan in Albania is celebrated by members of the Roma Muslim community, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire, They walk through the neighborhoods singing traditional songs. Every day in Ramadan they play Lodra, a homemade drum, and get invited by Muslim families to play traditional ballads to celebrate the start of iftar. 


While in Turkey drummers dressed in traditional Ottoman outfits roam the streets waking up Muslims for Suhoor. Whereas in Morocco they are called Nafar, wearing the traditional attire of a gandora and announce the time for Sohoor with a melody. 

Ramadan celebrations are not just about fasting, the whole month has rooted in every nation’s culture, faith, and history and is passed on through the generations.

Celebrate Ramadan according to your culture and spread happiness wherever you go. Be in your best shape with Allah and ask for his forgiveness. May Allah accept our good deeds and allow us to attend Ramadan in complete health and wellness


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