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Pullman Zamzam Makkah and Madinah Hotels Interview


Pullman Zamzam Makkah and Madinah the two iconic five-star hotels that offer a warm welcome with impeccable service for the guests of Allah. Pullman Zamzam Makkah is suited in Abraj Al Bait one of the tallest buildings in the world. Its rooms & suites have a partial view over the inspiring Ka’aba, Al Masjid Al Haram, and our beloved Makkah Al Mukaramah. Moreover, the in-room dining experience features international and oriental specialties.
Interviewing the Experts at Pullman Zamzam

During the 2nd Summit for Tourism, Hotels and Umrah Services, held in Cairo, Egypt on the 4th and the 5th of January, 2022, Umrahme team was eager to meet with the people who are considered a cornerstone of hospitality for Umrah and the guests of Allah. Pullman Zamzam, part of Accor group, famous for their high standards of hospitality and services. We first met with Mr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Sales Manager at Zamzam Pullman Makkah and Madinah Hotel.

Pullman zamzam makkah

– Welcome Mr. Mohamed, would you please tell us more about Pullman Zamzam Hotels?
First, I am honored to meet with such a well-established leading platform like Umrahme. Pullman Zamzam is one of the hotel brands that operates under the umbrella of Accor. We are located in Abraj Al Bait in a more than wonderful location due to its close proximity to the Great Mosque. We also provide 5-star services for pilgrims, whether for internal or external markets.

– What are the repercussions of Covid-19 on your activity and how did you manage to recover from this crisis?
Of course, we were negatively affected, like the rest of the establishments operating in the field of tourism and hospitality, but we thank Allah for coming back again and with strength – we learned from this lesson to join hands together and to put the interest and safety of Dyoof Al Rahman first. One of the lessons learned was also the necessity of keeping pace with the new technological changes that occurred after the pandemic and developing our services on a timely basis.

– How would you rate your experience on umrahme portal?
I am one of your biggest fans as umrahme was the first to meet with Pullman Zamzam in Jeddah back in 2019 and introduce the new technological approach of Online Traveling Agencies and get certified the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, you guys have a unique and easy-to-use platform, and customers always praise the services on it, also, you have a wonderful customer service team, flexible and available at all times, my personal belief that your platform will defiantly be in the first ranks after the return of Umrah like it was before the pandemic.
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Staff at Pullman zamzam

– What are your most distinguished services?
All the services provided by us are provided with love and we harness the mechanisms of the entire hotel to get their satisfaction. We have a good reputation and guests trust us. We always have returning guests whether at Pullman Zamzam Mekkah or Madinah.

We thanked Mr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Sales Manager at Zamzam Pullman Makkah and Madinah Hotel for his time and distinguished statements, and we now let’s move to Mr. Ahmed Desouky, Director of Regional Sales at Pullman Zamzam Makkah and Madinah Hotel.

Welcome, I want to add to what my colleague just mentioned that Pullman Zamzam Hotel is one of the oldest hotels inside Abraj Al Bait Towers, and it is sometimes called the Zamzam Towers or (Zamzam Grand) after the name and heritage of the hotel.

As we already mentioned, Accor is the French group that runs the hotel and is owned by the Kuwaiti company Munshaat. The hotel has been completely renovated recently. The number of rooms in Makkah Hotel is approximately 1,300, while the number of rooms in Madinah Hotel is about 835 rooms, all of them overlooking the Grand Mosque or the Prophet’s Mosque.

– What are your most prominent nationalities?
We receive guests from all over the world, but North African countries, Egypt and France come on top of our most important markets.

– As we are approaching the end of this Umrah season what are you expecting with the beginning of the next season?
It is difficult to predict what will happen in the new season in light of the changes that occur on an almost daily basis, but we have a great deal of positivity and feel the longing of pilgrims to visit the Two Holy Mosques as soon as possible, and we are in any case ready to return things to what they were before Covid 19.

restaurant at Pullman Zamzam

In the end, I would really like to highlight the strength of our relationship with umrahme which is our most preferred online booking portal with its distinctive services, ease of use and fast booking process. We appreciate our partnership very much.


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